• Ingredients

    Blu Kouzina Unique Ingredients

    Blu Kouzina takes pride in using the best ingredients possible  in all its food preparation and serving . The key ingredient in Greek Cooking is ; Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rigani and Sea Salt and for Dessert is the Notorious Greek Thyme Honey. These key ingredients the Owners and Management of Blu Kouzina are involved in the whole process of these unique products from fruit , raw material, product processing , quality control and  to final bottling and shipping.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil –Green Gold Tsakiris Family Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

    The Tsakiris Family Estate covers over 100 acres of land and comprises of over 3,000 olive trees. Some trees within the estate are known to be the first trees to be planted in the Mycenaean Basin. Specifically, there are 8 groves in different locations placed on cliffs that face towards the Sun at all times – allowing them to flourish beautifully. The olive groves are organically maintained– keeping all artificial fertilizers and pesticides absent. The early harvest ascends in the beginning of November and ends by early December (weather permitting). The fruit is picked with caution and care and skill is taken not to bruise the fruit in order to keep the fruit unharmed so as to possess its unique characteristics and to attain low acidity level which is a key characteristic of this unique Olive Oil. The Olive is Cold Pressed and First Pressed .

    Each Groves Olive Oil Produced is stored and bottled separately under the Groves Unique name. All the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced on the Tsakiris Estate is used exclusively in the Blu Kouzina Restaurants.

    Being a family business, all family members of the Tsakiris’s have experienced and helped out in the harvesting process.

    Organic Sea Salt and Wild Organic Oregano (Rigani) :

    Sea Salt and Rigani are our other main organic stable ingredients at Blu Kouzina.

    The sea salt is from the Mani Peninsula, which is located by the Mediterranean Sea. The process involves seawater trapped inside the wholes of volcanic rock within and naturally dries up by the sun. Once the water and sea salt have separated, and all is left is the dried pure sea salt, it is hand picked, packaged and brought straight from the volcanic rock and used in all of our Blu Kouzina recipe’s.

    Our oregano is found within the Tsakiris Olive Grove Estates. During the summer months, while the local shepherds roam and herd their sheep they hand collect the organic oregano. Once the oregano is hand picked by the local shepherds, its dried and than packaged.  No Mechanic Method is used in the whole process.

    Organic Thyme Honey:

    Our organic honey is formally known as Thyme Honey. Our beehives are located in Mani, Greece. This type of honey is well known back from the Venetian  Sea Route, from historic Venice to Constantinople. It is said that on this historic route ancient royalty used to obtain the prized honey.

    In order to keep the bees alive and healthy, the hives are located in areas where their is no mobile/cellular phone signal. During the warmer times of the year, the bees fill their hives with honey and once its completely covered it is then collected and sealed by our local beekeepers.